Part of Buhner Lyme and Co-infections Protocol – MUST BE UNDER CARE OF A PHYSICIAN TO TAKESupplement Facts:Three capsules contain:Japanese Knotweed root – 500 mg.(Polygonum cuspidatum) – wildharvested – NE United StatesCat’s Claw vine bark – 500 mg.(Uncaria tomentosa) – wildharvested – PeruAndrographis herb – 430 mg.(Andrographis paniculata) – organic – IndiaSarsaparilla root – 110 mg.(Smilax spp.) – wildharvested – Jamaica/ MexicoDandelion herb – 110 mg.(Taraxacum officinale) – organic – USA Other ingredients: cellulose (vegetarian capsules), waterProduct Cautions:Discontinue the use of Japanese Knotweed 10 days prior to surgery. It has blood-thinning properties.Do not use protocol if pregnant or trying to get pregnant, and consult a practitioner if breastfeeding.


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